Chakra Affirmations

The following affirmations appeal to the 7 chakras residing in each human body.

These chakras are responsible for perception, regulation and transmutation of energy and therefore for our overall health – mental and physical.

The intention of the below affirmations is to recognize, acknowledge and stimulate our chakras, consciously. By doing so, we both stimulate and encourage energetic flow and ease as well as strengthen our bond with our selves.

  • Choose whichever ones resonate most with your self.
  • Make a list of resonating affirmations and repeat them daily until it becomes habit
  • Do not repeat one’s that do not resonate
  • Be sure to repeat affirmations with conscious intention and attention

1.      Root

I am taken care of

I am safe

I am secure

I am grounded

I am financially stable

I am always provided for

2.      Sacral

I welcome and feel my emotions

I am in touch with my feelings

I accept my emotions

I do not judge my emotions

I am creative

I respect my body

It is my right to be joyful and find pleasure

3.      Solar Plexus

I welcome my authentic self

I embrace my true character

I honour myself

I follow my sense of integrity

I am confident

I am strong

I am independent

4.      Heart

I am open to give and receive love

I love and accept my self

I accept others

I consciously forgive my self and others

I am fully open to love

My heart is full of love

I embrace the truth

5.      Throat

It’s safe to express my wants and needs

I speak my truth freely

I am honest about whom I am

I trust others

I express my self openly and clearly

6.      Spiritual (3rd) Eye

I embrace my intuition

I listen to my intuitive impressions, senses and notions

I follow my intuitive insight

I experience clarity every day

I perceive things for what they are

I perceive people for whom they are

I am aligned with the Divine

7.      Crown

I am a Divine being having a human experience

I am one with the Divine

I align my self with the energy of the Universe and its laws

Every thing is connected

I am at peace

All is well


  1. Ace says:

    This is amazing, so incredibly well done 🖤

    1. 😭 you’re a blessing thank you endlessly ❤️

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