‘I’ Based Affirmations

The following affirmations appeal to the human aspect of being – the I. The I is separate from the self for the self is the eternal existence we all are whereas our ego, the ‘I’ is just the present version of us. However, we must break through the walls of the ‘I’ we act as in order to access and become the eternal self we came here to express through the ‘I’, as the ‘I’.

The intention here is to healthily recognize our ego and diffuse its unhealthy aspects that hold us back from spiritual evolution.

  • Choose whichever ones resonate most with your self.
  • Make a list of resonating affirmations and repeat them daily until it becomes habit
  • Create your own too to fit to your self best
  • Do not repeat one’s that do not resonate
  • Be sure to repeat affirmations with conscious intention and attention


I am a Divine being having a human experience

I am safe

I am protected

I am free of fear

I am free of anxiety

I am free of doubt

I am free of worry

I am full of love

I am full of confidence

I am full of Divine guidance

I am full of healing, joy and enlightenment

I am valuable

I am lovable

I am blessed

I am forgiven

I am accepted


I accept myself for exactly who I am, as I am

I accept all humans for whom they are, as they are

I accept my current life circumstances

I accept my past

I accept change

I accept the mistakes I have made

I accept and forgive those whom made mistakes against me


I surrender to my soul’s purpose and path

I surrender to effortlessness

I surrender fear of change

I surrender to acceptance

I surrender to forgiveness

I surrender to my sprit’s truth


I release worry

I release anxiety

I release doubt

I release fear

I release stress and its causes

I release impatience

I release emotional blocks

I release the past

I release old beliefs

I release old versions of me


I let go of the past

I let go of control

I let go of harmful habits

I let go of conditioning and programming

I let go of every thing holding me back from my life purpose

I let go of fear-based behaviour

I let go of fear-based thinking patterns


  1. Ace says:

    I LOVE this!!! Thank you so much for sharing, you’re a blessing in this community 🖤🤗

    1. As always your feedback has brightened my day. Thank you for your time, always! You’re a beautiful soul 🌹❤️

      1. Ace says:

        Aww of course, it’s a truly my pleasure!!!! You’re so kind, I feel the same about you!!!! Keep sharing your amazing work 🖤🖤

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