The following affirmations appeal to the nurture and growth of self-love.

  • Choose whichever ones resonate most with your self.
  • Make a list of resonating affirmations and repeat them daily until it becomes habit
  • Do not repeat one’s that do not resonate
  • Be sure to repeat affirmations with conscious intention and attention
  • Why not also create your own!

I accept myself and every body in return accepts me

I love myself and every body in return loves me

I love and accept myself for whom I am, as I am. It is not my ego that I love – rather it is what is Divine in me, the purity of my being.

I am my own unique self – authentic, creative and wonderful

I am strong in mind, body and spirit

I do not need any body’s approval or validation

I completely trust in my ability to face any and all challenges

I am happy, I am blessed, I am always improving

I am worthy, I am important, I empathise with others

I am in charge of my mind

I choose love, joy and open my heart to allow wonderful things to flow into my life

I am beautiful, I am strong, I am proud of how much I have accomplished

I am whole, strong, loving and harmonious

I believe in myself and so do others

I only compare myself to my Higher Self

Nothing can and nothing will hold me back from having a good day, week, month, year or life

I am grateful for my body

I respect my body

My body is my vessel

I love my self and my body

I am confident and comfortable with my body

I am grateful for my body’s power and strength

I embrace the wisdom of my body

Energizing the Self

I am full of energy

I am grateful to be alive

Life is beautiful and amazing

Source is flowing through me

I am excited and happy

I align my intentions with the energy of the Universe

I find energy in purposeful work

I am happy to be alive

My life is filled with health and happiness

Energy flows to and through me freely

I radiate positive energy and vitality

Pure joy is flowing through me

Every day is filled with good health and joy

The Universe supports me

I am always enough

My heart is always open and I radiate love

I have every thing I need to feel and be grateful right now


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