Healing and Ascension

The following affirmations appeal to the facilitation of natural healing/restoration of energy flow.

As human beings we ascend in consciousness naturally but for this we require harmonious energy flow. Therefore, when we begin healing/restoring our energy flow from the inside-out, we also inevitably begin to ascend in consciousness. In other words, our awareness begins to expand, naturally.

By employing and incorporating affirmations – we begin to unravel the expansion process within us naturally.

note; affirmations referring to angels/guides are appealing to Ascended Masters – beings whom completed human cycles and now act as our guides and also Archangels whom have not experienced human incarnation making them most pure at core of being.

  • Choose whichever ones resonate most with your self.
  • Make a list of resonating affirmations and repeat them daily until it becomes habit
  • Create your own too to fit to your self best
  • Do not repeat one’s that do not resonate
  • Be sure to repeat affirmations with conscious intention



I have clear-sightedness which enables me to see the signs through the mental screen of my mind, that my guides are showing me in my dreams and wakefulness

I have sharp hearing so that my auditory senses are always alerted to the messages my guides are communicating to me through my thoughts and external voices and sounds

My body is a powerful intuitive communicator and I am able to identify messages from my angels through the feelings and sensations my body is speaking to me


I am a magnet for positivity and attract enlightening situations to brighten my world

Every body I meet feels my light radiating out towards them and my energy positively affects people for their highest good

My mind and body is in balance and harmony, encouraging growth through meaningful experience

I am a conduit for light and my life has purpose, order and I am free

I attract light in all ways to enhance, heal and honour my life for the greater good


I, (________) now activate the light codes of ascension and spiritual evolution within every cell of my body. May this activation bring accelerated transformation, expanded consciousness and deep healing to my mind, body and spirit through the highest vibration of willingness and love.


I am receiving abundance now in expected and unexpected ways

I am increasingly confident in my ability to create the life I desire

I am acting on inspiration and insights and I trust my inner guidance

I am giving and receiving all that is good and all that I desire

I am constantly striving to raise my vibration through high vibrational thoughts, words and actions

I am making a meaningful contribution to the world and I am wonderfully compensated for my contribution

I am worthy of love, abundance, success, true joy and fulfilment

I am willing to believe that by focusing on feeling good via high vibrational emotions (acceptance, willingness, love, joy) I make better choices that lead to desired results.

Every thing I have is all that I need. All that I need is every thing I have. Any thing I desire, I receive because my reality is created by me


Disappointments only set me up for success

I am gentle, kind and comforting to my inner child as I uncover and release the old negative messages within me

My body is strong and healing

My health is getting better and better each day

I am surrounded and filled by healing energy

I am healed

I am healthy and whole

I have stable and harmonious health

I fill every cell in my body with unconditional love, joy and healing


I call upon my angels and ask you to connect with me now.

Share with me the guidance and wisdom I need at the moment so that I may have the courage to move with sense of purpose, clarity, connection and dedication.

I ask you to please cleanse and free my mind, body and spirit with your unconditional love and peace so that I may see my inner light, and authentically shine.


  1. DiosRaw says:

    Wonderful affirmations, you’ve put this together so well. 🔷️🙏🏻

    1. Thank you my lovely 🌹❤️

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