Distance Healing Treatments

30 minute sessions €30
60 minute sessions €55

1. Aura – Etheric Body Cleanse

Focuses on an overall energy system cleanse which involves all energy bodies. Includes all chakras and nadis.

Requires continuous full concentrated attention on my behalf alongside focused intention to restore and cleanse all aspects of energy function of the client.

Aura cleansing is vital to your personal and spiritual growth.

Signs you need Aura Cleansing:

  • Overall exhaustion, feeling drained
  • Stress overdrive
  • Being associated with negative people often
  • Going through life changing events (job change, relationship change/divorce, moving home)
  • Chronic physical conditions that do not respond to medical treatment

2. Emotional Body Cleanse

Focuses on the emotional energy body.
This body acts our centre of desires. The body of feeling, of sensing, of sensations.

Emotional Cleansing is vital to a balanced emotional state of being, emotional wellbeing and harmony.

Signs you need emotional body cleansing:

  • co-dependency issues
  • experiencing creative flow blockages/lack of creativity
  • feeling overall unsatisfied
  • feeling overcome with negative and destructive emotions
  • feeling unemotional/numb
  • reproductive organ function issues
  • overcome with addictions

3. Mental Body Cleanse

Focuses on the mental energy body.
This body is the source of mental activity – thinking. This body is the source of our personal power, our inner fire.

It can be subdivided into four levels which correspond roughly to different areas of the physical nervous system:
1. Conscious mind
2. Sub-conscious mind
3. Unconscious mind
4. Avenue of awareness

Signs you need mental body cleansing:

  • ego issues such as needing to be right all the time, ignoring unflattering aspects of self, inability to be honest and true
  • excessive thinking to a point of physical exhaustion/feeling unwell/drained
  • presence of anxiety/fear/worrying, especially if any and all are excessive
  • issues with aggression
  • struggling with self-worth/self-confidence
  • general digestive issues and/or a feeling of burning in stomach area

4. Specific Chakra Cleanse & Restoration

Upon consultation it may be necessary to focus on a specific chakra/energy body depending on the symptoms present. It is recommended to use one session for one chakra for optimum results. Chakras are energy centres existing in all human bodies. They are responsible for receiving, transmitting and transmuting Universal Life Force energy (chi).

  • Root Chakra – corresponds to the tailbone area and the organs in this area.
  • Sacral Chakra – corresponds to the area below the navel, includes reproductive organs and all other organs in this area
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – corresponds to area above the navel, includes digestive organs
  • Heart Chakra – corresponds to the chest area, includes the heart and the lungs
  • Throat Chakra – corresponds to the throat area, includes thyroid function as well as the entire throat area, jaw and mouth, back of the neck and back of the head
  • Spiritual Eye Chakra – corresponds to the forehead area, includes both sides of the head, the temples and sinus function
  • Crown Chakra – corresponds to the top of the head, the right and left sides and the centre of both specifically

Which chakra requires healing depends on the location of the body in which symptoms have manifested and in which long-term symptoms may exist.

Pain/discomfort in any of the above locations is a sign of an imbalance/a blockage present in the related chakra – energy centre.

5. Reiki Healing

Differs from the above treatments in the form of intention but is mostly related to the process of Aura – Etheric Body restoration. Reiki is a direct transmission/projection of Universal Life Force Energy (chi) from healer to client.

The intention is less on cleansing and more on fuelling the body with Life Force Energy which may be lacking and the flow of which may be disrupted and/or blocked. Any and all toxic energies existing within the clients field are intentioned to be replaced with projected Universal Life Force energy.

All you need to do prior to the session is set the intention to receive Reiki. This acts as an energetic agreement and opens up a direct energy flow path between our energy fields.

Note: the detoxification process post Reiki session(s) tends to be more intense than general cleansing sessions. It is essential for any client to be aware of this before receiving Reiki healing as the client needs to be consciously aware of the processes that may and will more than likely follow post Reiki.

The conscious awareness of post healing processing occuring within the energy bodies is an essential tool for energy restoration as awareness alone acts as a participation tool. Without it, the client may disrupt their own healing process by ignoring, labelling (unconsciously controlling) or dismissing resting time post-session(s).

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