Basic Overview of 7 Main Chakras

1. ROOT Chakra – RED – Survival/Security

· 1st Aura Layer – “The Etheric body”

· Seed Mantra: LAM

Responsible for: foundation & feeling of being grounded, nourishment, stability, security, basic needs, ability to stand up for oneself, security issues, controls fight/flight response

Location: Base of spine/tailbone area (encompasses first three vertebrae)

Associated Organs: colon, bladder, legs, feet, bones, large intestine & adrenal glands

Imbalance symptoms: Anxiety (fear-based thinking & behaviour, fight/flight response), lower back pain, constant bowel movements, feet/leg problems, impotence, constipation, money/material security fears

When Open: We feel safe & fearless

Blocked by: fear (expressed as comfort-seeking, seeking control of self, external circumstances and others), security/abandonment issues (manifests as codependency which is a form of comfort seeking), material attachments

2. SACRAL Chakra – ORANGE – Personal Pleasure/Attitude Towards Life

· 2nd Aura Layer “Emotional body”

· Seed Mantra: VAM

Responsible for: creativity centre, connection to & ability to accept others & new experiences, the right to feel, desire, pleasure, sexuality

Location: Lower Abdomen, approx. 2 inches below navel

Associated Organs: kidneys, bladders, circulatory system, reproductive organs & glands

Imbalance Symptoms: cramp-like pains/aches, lower back pain, bloating, creative blockage, sexual/reproductive issues, urinary/kidney issues, fear of betrayal, inability to express emotions & desires

When Open: we feel a sense of abundance, well-being, creative expression flows

Blocked by: blaming ourselves for our actions/emotions we experience, guilt, denying & suppressing emotions

3. SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra – YELLOW – Seat of the Ego

· 3rd Aura Layer “Mental body”

· Seed Mantra: RAM

Responsible for: mental activities, ability to be confident & in control, self-esteem & clarity of judgment

Location: Upper Abdomen/Stomach Area, from navel to breastbone

Associated Organs: digestive system, muscles, pancreas & adrenals

Imbalance Symptoms: digestive issues (inc. pancreas &gallbladder), relentless inner critic syndrome, chronic fatigue, fear of rejection

When Open: we feel worthy & confident

Blocked by: shame, lack of self-acceptance (automatically lack of acceptance of others), judging self & others, shame, cynicism, lack of self-worth, lack of faith

4. HEART Chakra – GREEN – Seat of the Higher Self, of Oneness

· 4th Aura Layer “Astral body”

· Seed Mantra: YAM

Responsible for: ability to love, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, truth and honesty

Location: centre of chest just above the heart

Associated Organs: the heart, lungs, arms, hands, breasts, thymus gland, rules lymphatic system

Imbalance Symptoms: asthma, arm/hand issues, fear of being alone, bitterness/jealousy/suffocation, heart problems, lung problems

When Open: we feel love, joy, inner peace

Blocked by: not understanding love, not being king to self or others, experiences that caused deep sadness & bitterness, not forgiving self and/or others

5. THROAT Chakra – BLUE – Expression, Truth, Clarity

· 5th Aura Layer “Etheric Template/Double Archetypal body”

· Seed Mantra: HAM

Responsible for: ability to trust & communicate, loyalty, organisation & planning, faith & comprehension

Location: throat area

Associated Organs: overall neck area, thyroid & parathyroid glands, jaw, mouth, tounge

Imbalance Symptoms: sore throat, hoarseness, jaw tightness & pressure, shoulder/neck issues, issues expressing self, fear of being out of control, thyroid issues, ear infections/pain

When Open: we are capable of openly expressing our feelings and the truth

Blocked by: lying, deceiving, attacking, holding in true emotions & feelings

6. THIRD/SPIRITUAL EYE Chakra – INDIGO – Intuition, Understanding of Word/Life

· 6th Aura Layer “Celestial/Monad body”

· Seed Mantra: OM

Responsible for: ability to focus on & see the bigger picture, centre of intuition, releasing hidden & repressed negative thoughts, wisdom & imagination

Location: forehead, between eyebrows

Associated Organs: sinuses, eyes, temples

Imbalance Symptoms: pressure in forehead/temples, sinus issues, blurred vision/eye strain, moodiness, stubborness

When Open: make decisions based on intuition without hesitation battles between ego & higher self, ability to see bigger picture as seemingly separately discovered & learned information starts to merge into connected wholes, ability to perceive energy/energetic vibrations in external environment

Blocked by: delusion, belief in illusions, perceiving & behaving from a lens of separation (bad vs good, god vs devil, light vs dark), negative thought-patterns, rejecting reality of oneness, ignoring intuitive messages

7. CROWN Chakra – VIOLET – Connection to Divine, Cosmic Consciousness

· 7th Aura Layer “Ketheric/Causal body”

· Seed Mantra: AH

Responsible for: enlightenment, spiritual (energetic) comprehension of self thus others thus all as One, connection to our Higher Self, key to our Divine Nature/ enlightenment. Seat of Christ consciousness

Location: front area of top of head

Associated Organs: cerebral cortex, central nervous system, pituitary gland

Imbalance symptoms: headaches, hair loss, hair breakage/damage/weakness, rigid thoughts, analysis paralysis/overthinking, fear of alieniation

Directly linked to inner & outer beauty, our connection to & relationship with spirituality/energy, pure bliss

When open: Alignment with Higher Self, Higher Purpose, operating at state of expanded/higher consciousness/awareness, sense of enlightenment, inner sense of peace, joy, bliss, Oneness with All

Blocked by: being grounded in 3rd dimensional realm by materialism or beliefs, ignoring Higher Self/denying Higher Self (our soul and its urges), lack of connection to & understanding of spirituality (energy).

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