Metaphysical Causes of Disease & Illness

In essence being philosophical, metaphysics is concerned with the first principle of being, all things beyond the description of physical existence. In other words metaphysical aspects of existence are responsible for our manifested, physical existence.

In a less complicated approach, metaphysics is concerned with the mental-emotional reasoning behind manifested physical reality.
After all, mental energy is highly responsible for what we manifest and our mental state highly depends on our current emotional state.

Pain, ailments, illness and disease are the way in which our soul demands attention. Most if not all reasons for symptoms hold roots in the metaphysical realm and sprout through our physical bodies. If ignored, they are given indirect permission to grow and sometimes even overtake our bodies and therefore our lives. This way they poison and inhibit how we experience life. They inhibit us so we cannot run away from what the soul is demanding from the ego-self which most of the time is simply attention to what is truly going on inside of us, to what we have been ignoring by ‘doing’ all the time. It’s the souls way of saying to the ego, mind-driven self:

“You cannot ignore me anymore!”

We can play victims to our illness and disease and even identify with them but that will only make the symptoms worse. This is because metaphysical reasoning co-exists with our soul, the Creative Forces of life made manifest, The Creator aspect within and outside of us. The soul can only express itself through the body meaning that all symptoms are a means of waking the ego up to the needs of the soul, a demand for alignment with your Higher Self, your true purpose in life.

In a way, we can view illness and disease as over-reliance on the ego self and not enough inclusion of the Higher Self in our use of free will.

All ailments, pains, aches and disease in general are our own manifestations. They manifest due to a dissociation from our Higher Self (our authentic self) and all of its communication with our ego, mind driven self. In fact all forms of inner discomfort are a mind-spirit misalignment, calling for attention so alignment can take place.

The severity of the manifested symptom(s) reflects our level of ignorance towards intuitive insight, towards our Higher Self, Higher Knowing.
Note: commonly this occurs subconsciously/unconsciously, nevertheless the symptoms demand attention

Symptoms also reflect disrupted and suppressed mental-emotional processes. Our programmed brain and it’s obsession with constant doing is responsible for the blockages of energy we experience. As energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it is simply transferred, when the brain interferes with the natural flow it traps energy within. This energy cannot be ‘held’ by us as it does not belong to us and therefore transmutes in the form of an illness/sickness/pain/disease.



  • inability to speak up for the self
  • rebellion against authority
  • believing in violence


  • running away from the self, running away from facing the truth
  • not facing fear
  • not knowing how to love the self

Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism

  • futility
  • guilt
  • feeling inadequate
  • self-rejection


  • distrusting the natural flow and process of life


  • anger
  • hopelessness
  • lack of feeling of purpose
  • no joy in one’s affairs in daily life

Hyperventilation/Panic Attack

  • resisting change
  • not being able to take it all in



  • fear
  • protecting the self
  • distrusting life


  • fear
  • judging own emotions – eating to suppress them
  • needing protection


  • longing for love
  • longing to be held

Adrenal Problems

  • defeatism, spirit of ‘I give up’
  • no longer caring for the self
  • anxiety


  • immersed in social beliefs
  • old, outdated thinking
  • rejection of the now, of what is

Breathing Issues

  • fear or refusal to take in life
  • not feeling worthy to take up space


  • self punishment


  • fear, tension
  • trying to control everything
  • not trusting the process of life

Blood Pressure


longstanding emotional problems left unsolved


lack of love as a child, spirit of defeatism


  • fear of what will happen without our awareness
  • not trusting ourselves with others
  • mind filled with doubts and fears, fear of dying
  • ingratitude for the experiences and lessons of the day


  • self criticism
  • fear
  • invalidating the self
  • resisting the flow of life
  • conflict inside about how you will do, what you will say or what you will accomplish
  • one part of you is looking forward to an event and another part part is fearing the event


  • not listening to the message(s) of you soul
  • conflict with the inner voice, intuition
  • resistance to listening to inner voice, intuition


  • fear
  • rejecting an idea or experience

Chronic Pain

  • long-term fear and emotional guilt
  • self-punishment

Chronic Fatigue

  • ingratitude for life
  • not working on priorities
  • not clear on purpose
  • scattered mind
  • emotionally run down and overwhelmed


  • rejection of people, places, events and objects
  • allergic to yourself and aggravated with what you’re doing or not doing to yourself or for yourself
    who or what is annoying or aggravating you?


  • unresolved guilt
  • smother love
  • inability to breathe for one’s self
  • feeling stifled
  • suppressed crying

Back Problems


  • financial worries
  • fear of money
  • lack of financial support


  • guilt
  • ‘get off my back’


  • lack of emotional support
  • feeling unloved

Bad Breath

  • anger
  • thoughts of revenge
  • experiences backing up

Common Cold

A common cold is called common because it is common not to express how we feel

  • bacteria/virus attacks you because of negative attitudes
  • too much going on at once, mental confusing and disorder
  • leaving yourself out and not being in control of yourself
  • crying/grieving that is being repressed – unshed tears

Influenza – to come under the influence of

  • not wanting to do what someone else has told you to do – feeling guilty because of this
  • something/someone is having a strong influence on you which creates doubt and undermines your sense of identity or purpose
  • responding to mass negativity
  • putting too much faith in statistics, the external

allows time to build up inner strength


not wanting to be told what to do and it makes you boil inside

Glandular Fever

  • living in the past and tiredness due to constant outflowing and not taking in new insights or ideas
  • not accepting yourself and so not using your intuition or creativity
  • being inflexible, not knowing your direction
  • fear of failure


  • wanting to get rid of the emotions of not being your own master
  • a desire to bark at the world – to be listened to


  • fear of speaking up

Sinus Issues

  • unshed tears, blocked emotional release
  • irritation to someone, usually someone close to you

Sore Throat

  • holding in angry words
  • feeling unable to express the self

Cold Sores

  • festering angry words and fear of expressing them


  • resistance to what is happening
  • a build up of angry emotions
  • irritating issue that is restricting your expression
  • feeling hot and fired up inside
  • being critical and inflexible


  • irritation, anger or annoyance about a recent situation


  • unwilling to hear something
  • reminder to listen to what is being said rather than being distracted
  • makes one focus inwards and listen to inner voice


  • confusion, spinning around in consciousness
  • not knowing where one is going and where to direct their energies
  • inability to commit to something, going around in circles


  • stubborn refusal to let go of old patterns


  • being stuck in thinking
  • clogged, painful ideas

Teeth Problems

  • being indecisive
  • not being able to break down ideas for analysis and decisions

Chronic Diseases

  • a refusal to change
  • fear of the future
  • not feeling safe

Heart Problems

  • lack of joy
  • dealing with issues from a place of anger, not love

Knee Problems

  • stubborn ego and pride
  • inability to bend
  • inflexibility
  • won’t give in



  • not accepting or disliking of self
  • an eruption of all tormenting and conflicting feelings suppressed inside. the eruptions represent the longing to accept yourself and your inner beauty


  • feeling unworthy/inadequate
  • trying to keep world at a distance
  • someone/something getting under your skin
  • extreme sensitivity to emotions and circumstances around you
  • isolating and locking yourself inside because of fear of coming out


  • unwillingness to face something
  • believing you are not worthy of loving or living
  • wanting to please a parent, can’t get appreciation from parents regardless of intent to please
  • feeling of deep shame or guilt about an issue – covering up the skin acts as a mask


  • not appreciating one’s own body
  • issues about your sexuality
  • liver metabolism problems (see liver issues)


Bloating/Fluid Retention

accumulation of your emotions in the small intestine


  • eating at your own self
  • trouble doing something to resolve an issue
  • inability to assimilate the new

Gall Stones

  • bitterness, hard thoughts, condemning, pride, resentment
  • unwilling to let go of the perception of being locked in
  • trying to please others while feeling bitter about it

Stomach Issues

  • inability, unwillingness to take in new ideas – can’t stomach them, digest them
  • churning them over in your mind
  • prolonged uncertainty
  • feeling of doom, inflexibility, resistance, over sympathetic
  • fear of new, can’t break it down

Liver Issues

  • anger and primitive emotions
  • chronic complaining
  • justifying faults, finding ways to deceive yourself
  • not learning about why you allow others to hurt your feelings



  • unwilling to listen to anyone
  • unwilling to be directed
  • stuck in self-righteousness
  • bitterness (especially towards father)
  • anger and frustration because life seems to have lost its sweetness


  • listening to everyone’s opinion, will do whatever one is told by others
  • stuck in self-wrongness
  • low self worth, wanting to be directed
  • infatuation with mother

Constant destruction of pancreatic system

  • sweetness/bitterness issue
  • trying to please everybody but receiving no attention
  • attempting to receive attention through anger, resentment and not receiving attention, resulting in bitterness
  • trying to please all whilst holding bitterness inside
  • futility from trying to get attention from parents

Small Intestine


  • refusal to take charge
  • not assimilating, completely scattered
  • victim mentality
  • trying to please everyone



  • inflexible opinion
  • fear of letting go of things from the past
  • holding onto beliefs and ideas one feels fear and guilt about
  • insecurity, fear and nervousness when confronting the unknown
  • strong belief you are not good enough


  • holding onto mother issues
  • suppressing one’s own activity
  • fear and guilt about being unsociable
  • not expressing/outflowing one’s own emotions


  • desire to pass on knowledge but believing/fearing it will not be accepted
  • bleeding due to anger (backs up the liver)
  • trying to push/force some issue in one’s life
  • holding onto the past


  • letting go of your ideas, goals, issues when you believe you can’t have what you want
  • feeling emotionally hit in the guts
  • feeling you are being poisoned by a person or an issue
  • something you want to get rid of because it’s too much to deal with
  • not knowing how to assimilate one’s own feelings, feeling helpless inside
  • lack of absorption


  • suppressing of one’s ideas, opinions
  • holding on, not expressing
  • fear of the future, of the unknown
  • uncertainty about what lies ahead


  • wakening / collapsing due to attempting to cope with too much at once, resulting in straining
  • person strains to do everything right and therefore pushes too far
  • inner longing to release what is being restrained


breakdown of ability to filter incoming reality and to protect oneself from that reality



  • anger at the self
  • hatred of the body and the feminine side
  • self righteous and dogmatic thinking, critical of others
  • struggle to relate to being a woman, a mother, role of the feminine in general


  • soft tissue lump indicates thoughts and attitudes that have been supressed for so long they took a solid form
  • issues relating to femininity, sexuality, motherhood
  • unexpressed guilt, shame, history of abuse
  • unwilling to let go of sexual inhibitions
  • a desire to keep everything the same by blocking your creative forces
  • may be conflicts about nurturing e.g giving to others whilst feeling un-nurtured yourself

PREMENSTRUAL ISSUES (painful menstruation, irregular cycles, cramps, increased/heavy flow, amenorrhoea, continual menstruation):

  • desire to get pregnant or fear of parenthood
  • inability to surrender to the body’s natural rhythms and flow, therefore creating a blockage behind which your feeling gather
  • confusion about your role as a woman or resentment towards men
  • competing against others for another person’s love
  • not loving your own self, not realising that all the love one needs is inside of them
  • rejection of one’s feminine side


  • deep conflict or being fulfilled as a woman or expressing your femininity
  • wanting/not wanting to be a mother
  • resenting the children you have
  • one’s femininity has been repressed or abused
  • you perceive that your partner is rejecting you
  • repressing your sexuality
  • inner conflict about creating and finding your own path


  • discharge indicates unacceptable feelings
  • infection implies something is irritating you/making you angry e.g having to be intimate or being intimate with the wrong person
  • feeling sexually abused or exploited
  • feelings of guilt, shame or repressed sexual feelings


  • a woman’s unwillingness to be like her mother
  • unwillingness to go through what her mother went through
  • shutting down of feminine side
  • unresolved childhood abuse creating an unconscious fear of having a child
  • fearing responsibility, or feeling inadequate, unable to cope especially financially
  • believing that having a child is the only way life will have any meaning for you


  • fearing the purpose of your existence since your role as a mother has diminished
  • fear of ageing process and of inevitable change taking place, fear that you are no longer in control of your body
  • menopause is a stopping of blood flow and may mean you have you have stopped loving yourself, as if your feelings are drying up inside
  • hot flushes may indicate the fire of anger or fear, so the body is burning the past, releasing all the old


  • deep hurt
  • long standing resentment eats away at the body
  • deep secret or grief eating away at self
  • carrying hatred, futility
  • last resort effort to get person to love and align with Higher Self, with soul purpose


  • not appreciating one’s own nurturing side
  • never wanting to nurture or not having opportunity to nurture


  • deep core value system screwed up
  • spiritual belief undermined
  • connection to Higher Self, The Creator has been cut off
  • one has lost the belief (faith) that there is someone watching over them


  • disconnection with the feminine side
  • issues with the female aspect
  • anger and resentment with the female aspect
  • self righteous feminine persona
  • increased number of white blood cells – part of the protective, defence, immune system

Testicles store creative forces

  • repression or expression of creative forces in one persona
  • extreme depression about creativity – particularly sexual creativity
  • extreme fear or guilt about sexual expression or suppression

We cannot fully heal without identifying the root cause of the manifested ailment/pain/illness or disease.

By identifying the cause of our aches/ailments/illness/disease – the root, we can directly pull it out by acknowledging it and addressing the way it expresses itself through the body it with awareness, with attention to the inner self. With awareness we can begin to get to know our true selves. This process naturally leads to aligning with our true self and the path that is true to our soul in this life.

The root is the cause, the symptom is the reason and identification does most of the healing for us.

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