Chakras: Long Term Imbalances & Blocks

How do they occur?

When emotions do not metabolise through our chakras effectively, the energy that was in motion gets trapped and forms as a block in the chakra it was denied to process through. The denial occurs consciously/subconsciously or unconsciously.

When we do not address the emotions we experience by ignoring or suppressing them we create blocks within our chakras.

Each emotional suppression creates imbalance

Blocks disrupt energy flow and make it difficult for energy to process. When one chakra is blocked it compensates by drawing energy from its neighbouring centre(s). This leads to imbalance as some chakras become inactive and others overactive.

Existing blocks paired with imbalanced energy flow create more of the same. This inevitably leads to physical discomfort/pain/ailments/illness/disease.

Causes & Effects

It is common for chakras to become blocked due to exposure to stress, emotional experiences & traumas, physical traumas & accidents. The main cause however is our tendency to deny (mentally) what we feel (emotionally). If there is no coherence nor flow between mental and emotional energy there will be no balance between them nor within us. Without balance there can be no flow within us.

We tend to express chakra imbalances through ‘emotional’ outbursts, anger, substance addictions, undereating/overeating and operating from a fear-based state within us.

Correcting Imbalances/Blockages

imbalances and blockages can be unblocked through
– exercise
– yoga practice
– meditation
– breathing exercises
– performing Reiki or other healing techniques on self

However it is crucial to be aware that although we can tend to imbalances and blockages physically, the emotional aspect that is the root of the imbalance/blockage will arise and needs to be addressed.

We can do this by drawing attention inward, to our senses and inner states. By surrendering to what is happening inside of us without judgment or escapism. By facing what is occurring within regardless of the level of discomfort it first causes.

Other methods include:
– journaling
– self-reflection (what am I feeling? what is the feeling communicating to me? when/where/why did this feeling occur? if the feeling was showing me something what would it be?)
– automatic writing
– guided meditations (youtube)
– sound healing (youtube)
– sitting still and locating where we feel the emotion, acknowledging it consciously, paying full attention to the feeling (do this as long as needed – the older the block the more uncomfortable it will feel). Then set the intention to release it (mentally say ‘I set the intention to/my intention is to release this emotion’). Thank the emotion for showing itself, tell it you love it and then intentionally let it go. This makes space for more underlying emotions we have suppressed to emerge.

Sometimes we need assistance in practicing how to correct and metabolise imbalances/blocks. In this case don’t shy away from reaching out to a spiritual healer like myself for guidance and assistance. It is never too late to become aware of, and nurture your natural ability to heal yourself!

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