The Chakra System

What are Chakras? Where are they?

Translated from Sanskrit the word chakra refers to a wheel/the motion of turning. Each chakra is an energy centre. Together they create our energetic field.

The 7 main chakras correspond to our 7 energy bodies which are bound together as the manifested physical body.

The main 1 – 7 energy centres exist in each human body. These 7 chakras make-up the chakra system. Individual chakras are aligned upwards our spine beginning at the tail bone and ending at the top of our head.

The Seven Major Chakras of the Human Body

How do they function?

Through these 7 chakras prana (chi/life force energy) fuels our living experience mainly through breathing.

Our chakras are in constant motion, spinning like a lotus flower shaped sphere. Each chakra possesses its own colour and energetic vibrational frequency. In essence energy is vibrational as energy is simply vibrations.

When we inhale we intake prana (life force energy). This life force energy is received, perceived & transmuted through our chakras. In other words breath (life force energy) is expressed through the chakras.

Each chakra governs an energetic expression (body) of its own that act as aura layers. The state balance/imbalance of one chakra has an impact on the rest and our aura in general.

Our chakras are directly responsible for our psychological and physical state of being. Their functioning dictates our state of consciousness/awareness of both internal and external existence.

Overall, the functioning of our chakras dictates our human experience. Furthermore, their functioning dictates how we relate to our human experience.

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