Scale of Consciousness – Transforming Your Inner State

How to Trick Our Mind Into Serving Us Rather than Working Against Us:

As human beings our collective purpose is to expand in consciousness. The earth and our co-existence with it serves as a school for expansion. Although this expansion is our destiny and it is guaranteed – the mind is what obstructs our inevitable growth. Our mind is what stands between awareness and unawareness.
Our mind serves as the only obstacle in our path of expansion.

The mind and thoughts in general are in permanent marriage with emotions. Thoughts trigger emotions and emotions trigger thoughts. One cannot exist without the other.

(E)motions are energy in motion. Energy vibrates at a certain frequency that works in alignment with Universal Laws such as The Law of Attraction. Through this process we attract exactly the same energy as we vibrate at. In other words, our emotional state (inside) attracts more of the same (outside) in experiences, circumstances and people in general.

In terms of operating at an expanded level of consciousness (awareness) it is crucial to understand the relationship between our thoughts and our emotional state of being. Through understanding we gain control over how one effects the other.

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Essentially we hold the capability to trick our mind into serving us along our path of expansion instead of subconsciously allowing it to disrupt our journey and our flow with it.

We can use the above scale to direct our attention and thoughts from contractive to expansive emotions. It is in our hands to avoid feeling stuck in fear-based, low vibrational thought patterns and the emotions such thoughts create. When we intentionally direct our thoughts towards high frequency emotions we programme our brains with this response.

Eventually our brain automatically directs focus on emotions in the expanded part of the scale, ensuring our awareness operates from there rather than from the contracted part of the scale. Instead of mentally focusing on emotions as if they’re separate from one another, our brain acknowledges emotions and thoughts to work symbiotically and learns which thoughts nurture emotions that feel healthy and which emotions nurture thoughts that produce healthy, balanced and stable thoughts.

Operating at an expanded state of awareness fuels us with motivation for forward-movement as we vibrate at a place of understanding All and being One with All. Consciously shifting to operate from an expanded level of consciousness pulls us out of an experience of emotional suffering to an experience of natural flow with life.

For example:
when we are in an emotional state of grief it is due to grief-focused thoughts. In such circumstances we can choose to emotionally accept grief using thoughts. We can switch our mental focus from grieving to willingness to accept the experience of grief at an emotional level.
What is really occurring in this scenario is our energetic frequency shifting from 75Hz to 310-350Hz. This shift in thought produces a shift in feeling – emotions.

It pulls us from a contracted state of mental awareness to an expanded state of awareness through a shift in emotional flow.

For example:
when we are angry our thoughts focus on the emotion of anger. How angry we are, why we are angry which emotionally produces more of the same – anger.

Emotionally, this keeps us stuck vibrating at 150 Hz, stuck in suffering, stuck in fear-based thought inducing emotions. If we were to step back from anger-inducing thoughts and emotionally align with a place of accepting the anger we can reasonably reflect (mentally) on its roots.

Doing so has the power to shift us from an emotional prison of anger and anger filled thoughts that create more anger to a state of acceptance and reflective reason. A state of impersonal reflection.

This is a shift of our energetic frequency from 150 Hz to 400 Hz. A shift from fear, suffering, entrapment to a state of understanding and freedom. A shift in our emotional state and freedom from being emotionally imprisoned by our mind.

From a state of reason – a state of fairness and balance we can perceive life through the eyes of love rather through a narrow lens of fear.

Going Forward:

By applying the above examples in real life we are programming our thoughts to work with emotions in a way that frees us from thought-imposed emotional prisons. Furthermore we are programming our thoughts to work with emotions in not creating any more emotional thought-imposed prisons.

When we find ourselves in fear-based, low vibrational thinking it is in our power to choose to shift our emotional state of being. It is in our power to utilise our mind to serve us by working with emotions rather than work against us and against our emotions. It is in our power to remember in action the mind serves us rather than rules us emotionally.

When we find ourselves mentally stuck in low states of awareness by focusing on negative emotions let’s reflect back to the consciousness scale to assist us in switching our mental focus to an emotion that will shift us from inner-entrapment to inner freedom.

Never forget we are the masters of our paths – the mind is simply a tool that helps us create that path. The mind has no real control over us, it only has a strong impact on our emotions. Yet it is a choice we must consciously make – to programme the mind into working with emotions. To nurture the permanent marriage of emotions and thoughts and learn how to use the mind in a way that ensures emotional well-being.

Try to mentally focus your attention on a high-frequency emotion and allow yourself to feel the shift that occurs within you. The effects are instant!

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  1. Arun Singha says:

    Highly insightful post.
    Highly beneficial for me and must be for other readers too.
    Thank you so much for sharing this post with full logic and scientific analysis.
    My best regards 😊🙏

    1. Thank you for your feedback Arun 🌹 blessings to you ✨

  2. “That which is aware of sadness is not sad. That which is aware of fear is not fearful. The moment I am lost in thought, however, I’m as confused as anyone else.”

    ― Sam Harris

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