What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is something we all possess as human beings. Rather than something to be acquired or conjured up mindfulness is something we have to learn how to access.

Mindfulness is the human ability to be fully present. It is a state of active and open attention to the present. To practice mindfulness is to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions (feelings), bodily sensations and our surrounding environment. Mindfulness acts as a gentle, nurturing lens for awareness. Mindfulness is an observation that is not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what is being observed. Mindfulness is a form of observation that does not judge.

Mindfulness is a quality to be developed within us. It is a purposeful and deliberate (intentional) practice. It requires focused attention and a willingness to observe our thought processes and patterns. Through attention we become more present and through presence we gain awareness.

Mindfulness is like a magic potion with intention, willingness, attention, presence and awareness acting as the ingredients that build a life of quality. A life of richness beyond materialism. A life of true meaning and purpose.

Although fear-based outward control is unhealthy, mindfulness allows us to access a fearless inward control. This type of control is not projected on others or on situations or circumstances bur rather applied within us. This type of control allows us conscious control over our reactions, repetitive thought patterns and therefore the actions that stem from both. The control we gain from mindfulness is that of a healthy response. Through mindfulness we can re-programme impulsive and reactive responses into objective and skillful responses.

Mindfulness does not function like a switch. It is learned, sustained and strengthened through practice.

It is learned through conscious integration of presence in our daily lives. We integrate presence in our daily lives by consciously facing fear-based roadblocks that arise during our journey of accessing mindfulness. A journey of observation that exists beyond thought. The practice we apply in this journey is that of willingness to overcome fear-based challenges along the way.

We practice until oneness with the present moment is as much of an impulse as the fear-based blocks once were in our journey of becoming present.

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