Meditation: Purpose & Importance

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice that involves the use of mindfulness or directed focus on a particular object/thought/activity to train attention and awareness. Through this practice mental clarity, emotional calm and an overall stable state is unlocked within us.

Meditation is the best medication

Meditation is a consciousness altering method that has a wide number of benefits on psychological well-being. Meditation is a type of mind-body medicine that dissolves misalignment between our mind-body relationship.

What is the Purpose?

By increasing calmness and physical relaxation meditation improves our psychological balance and our ability to cope with illness whilst enhancing our overall health and well-being.

Meditation not only heals – restores us energetically but also makes us aware of our healing journey.

The purpose of meditation is heavily concerned with our collective purpose as individuals on Earth. Meditation is the doorway for consciousness expansion. This is because meditation trains us to focus and direct our attention which results in increased awareness (consciousness).

Through meditation we can unlock parts of our unconsciousness and bring them to light – to awareness. By doing so we shed density in the form of unconsciousness by shedding light on it through meditative methods.

Meditation dissolves the wall between the conscious and unconscious aspects of our mind, shaping us into our natural state of wholeness rather than one-sidedness. Shaping us to perceive objectively rather than biasedly.

Most importantly meditation is a direct pathway for us as individuals to align with our personal purpose – to realize it and to become aware of the means to implementing it.

What is the Importance?

The main importance of meditation is to realize our true authentic Self and by doing so realize our purpose, individually and collectively.

The following are the most important aspects that are unlocked, nurtured and expanded trough meditative techniques.

  • Mindfulness

Through directed and focused attention to our thoughts, physical state of being and our surroundings meditation increases our level of mindfulness.

A mindful state of being is unlocked by meditation which expands our awareness and allows us to become more present. Being present requires our attention to be focused and directed only to the here and now meaning we are not mentally in the past or future that do not exist.

By being present we become aware of what’s truly of importance for us and our journey because all that we need is all that we have in the here and now. Meditation allows us to realize this.

  • From Thinker to Observer

Meditation allows us to observe our thoughts. We spend most of our lives acting upon our thoughts, thinking about thoughts that we unconsciously think thinking is our life experience.

Excessive thinking and over-reliance on mental energy throws our inner state off balance resulting in anxiety, restlessness and fatigue that can turn into depression.

Through meditative techniques we detach from our mental energy, from thinking by observing our thoughts. Through observation we align with our natural state that is The Observer rather than The Thinker self. Doing so naturally restores our mind-body-spirit alignment.

  • Identifying & Dissolving Shadow Aspects

As mentioned above through meditation we unlock and access unconscious material residing in our mental energy. Unconscious material in contrast to conscious material can be viewed as dark – as a shadow. A part of us just as much as our conscious is, yet we are unaware of it.

The shadow self is comprised of all the aspects of ourselves that we deem undesirable, all the experiences we denied. The shadow self expresses itself through our behaviour as much as our consciousness does causing a lot of discomfort and lack of assuredness in ourselves.

The more we access our unconscious mind through meditation the more we dissolve our own shadow. The more we allow unconscious material to emerge through meditation the more we dissolve it – leaving space for consciousness (light) to replace unconsciousness (shadow).

  • Healing & Balance

Blending the above three points as effects and results of meditation we achieve healing. Healing in the sense of restoration of our true authentic nature by first becoming aware and then clearing away of parts of us that are not authentic, not aligned with our true self.

Through meditation we become aware we are all three: the mind, the body and the spirit. Meditative techniques not only restore the balance between the three but allow us to objectively see ourselves as all three in one.

This alignment of mind-body-spirit reflects as outer balance and radiant health – optimum functioning capacity per se. This is perhaps the most important result of meditation practice as it unlocks a place of experiencing peace joy and bliss from within us.

Through balance we heal and through healing we access our heart space – our original home.

The heart space is a dwelling place of eternal peace, joy and bliss. Once realized, accessed and experienced this is a place within us to which we can always come back to. It is our own personal safe haven.

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  1. Arun Singha says:

    Excellent post on meditation.
    Meditation only take you to liberation from the sufferings.
    Great 👍😊🙏

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