What is it?

Ascension is our soul’s destiny.

In a spiritual (energetic) context ascension is an activation of our souls into a higher level of consciousness (awareness). During ascension our individual energetic frequency raises vibrationally. This happens with the awakening of our light body that results in cleansing out of dense (low) vibrational energy harboured within us.

The ascension process is an evolutionary process each soul is destined to undergo. This process is multi-dimensional and can be very confusing and physically painful. The process is also a multi-faceted experience that is unique to each individual soul.

The Universe throughout its 12 laws governs our consciousness/awareness. The Universe is responsible for our ascension process individually and collectively. During ascension, Universal life force energy (manifested in the body as breath – our individual life force) begins to activate our light bodies (souls) which inevitably has strong effects on our inner world and the processes that occur there.

In our current times the Universal and Cosmic energy is increasing rapidly which effects our individual energetic frequency – calling it to adapt.

The ascension process is an upgrade process. We upgrade energetically (spiritually) which results in increased awareness, inclination towards spirituality and spiritual practice. We upgrade in how our mind perceives everything it has ‘known’ so far in life. We begin to question the real reason we’re here – we begin to ponder our purpose.

During ascension our soul integrates more and more into our character/persona – as our character/persona.

What happens during Ascension?

During ascension we begin to question what we believe as limiting beliefs and ways of thinking begin to dissolve. We begin to see ourselves less as separate individuals and more as pieces of one collective whole. In other words we begin to recognize ourselves in others and others in ourselves. Overall the illusion of separation between us, others, nature and life in general dissipates.

Ascension is the means through which we rise above (transcend) the experience of duality and negativity (density) in general. It is how we overcome the illusion of being the mind.

Throughout the ascension process the Divine being aspect of us – responsible for the ‘being’ part in ‘human being’ label wakes up per se and starts to integrate itself into the ‘human’ part of whom we are.

Ascension is a blending of the human (ego/mind/I/temporary) aspect of our existence with the being (Divine/heart/We/permanent) aspect of our existence.

The Process

Ascension is a transition from human to being so we can self-realize and thus become the dual being by transcending duality of the mind.

As mentioned above, although ascension is universal and a guaranteed process for us as a collective – we undergo it in unique ways as individuals.

This is because we as souls have had unique experiences on Earth shaped by all the ways we have used our free will. Our experiences as individual souls have had unique effects on our body-mind-spirit relationship, our self-expression and again on our use of free will. For this reason how we process, transmit, transmute, accept/deny the flow of Universal life force energy within us differs. In other words, some of us hold more density (low vibrational/negative) energy than others. This energy is harboured within our physical body and from here during ascension it must be released.


The process of ascension occurs naturally and it is crucial to our soul’s evolution. Whether we accept it mentally or not – it is guaranteed to occur and in fact is far more uncomfortable without acceptance.

This means we can consciously participate in our ascension process or we can subconsciously experience it and unconsciously resist it.

Light and DNA activations for the most part occur naturally at a subconscious level. It is then up to us to consciously participate in the changes occurring within us as our awareness expands. We can consciously participate in this process by drawing awareness through attention to what is occurring within. With our presence created by awareness through attention the process of ascension becomes less uncomfortable.

Practices like breath-work, meditation, yoga, self-reflection, self-acceptance, energy healing and mindfulness are forms of participation in ascension. All these practices are straight roads to releasing dense (low vibrational) energy. This makes it far easier for our light body to expand and less painful for the physical body to release.

Consciously participating in ascension allows a smooth energy transition making it acceptable and manageable as opposed to painful, difficult and for some even torturous.

If we’re in for the ride we may as well consciously join in. How else can we make the most out of our life experience?

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