How to Communicate with The Universe

Symbiotic Communication

Just like our soul, The Universe is both within us and outside of us. It serves our soul purpose and is programmed to keep us on our individual spiritual path in each incarnation on Earth.

Through Universal Laws the Universe governs the expansion of our consciousness/awareness individually and at a collective level. Through our communication to (or lack of) with the Universe, our awareness expands or stays at a contracted state.

The Universe is always communicating with us and we communicate back to it, for the most part unconsciously. Unconscious communication with the Universe never really yields sustainably pleasing results. Unconscious communication with the Universe is the reason we manifest all sorts of confusion, stagnancy, uncertainty and overall conflicting scenarios.

Just like all relationships in existence communication must be symbiotic for effective co-creation to occur. Although our relationship and communication to and with the Universe is pre-established at a soul level it is crucial for us to become consciously aware of our communicative connection to it. In other words, it is crucial for us to become aware of how we communicate with the Universe already so we can consciously participate in further communication. Through conscious communication effective co-creation occurs, ensuring we manifest the correct people/things/situations and circumstances for our soul purpose without unnecessary confusion.

How to Consciously Communicate with The Universe

Communicating with the Universe is essentially communicating with our true Selves. We consciously communicate with ourselves in the following ways:


Whether we consciously realize it or not, most of the dilemmas in our lives are rooted in our lack of clarity on what we truly want.

Discerning our wants and needs provides a platform for us to realize our true desires. We manifest exactly what we desire by mentally focusing on desires and thus it is crucial to continuously evaluate and ponder the question; What do really I want?

When we are confused with desires, overwhelmed with desires or hold conflicting desires; we manifest all types of confusion. When we are unclear on what we want, the Universe can only reflect that back to us in the situation, people and things it brings in our experience.

Our wants and needs fuel our thought processes which manifest sooner or later through the Law of Attraction. We need to become accustomed to evaluating the wants and needs that drive our thinking. By doing so we are not only communicating to ourselves but also the Universe at large. By making it clear to ourselves what we truly want we make it clear to the Universe what we want.

At least once per week ask yourself; What do I want from life? What do I want the Universe to bring into my experience? We can also reserve this question to gain clarity of our desires by reflecting on; What do I not want? What do I no longer desire? This is a powerful exercise to carry out on paper which can later be burned or kept for future reflection.


Practice mindfulness – observe and control thoughts

When we practice mindfulness we develop presence. Through presence we develop awareness. Presence and awareness are key ingredients for observation and our ability to be observant.

Since thoughts are highly responsible for what and whom we manifest into our lives it is crucial to become observant of our thoughts. With observation comes the opportunity to exert healthy control over them by consciously directing them. Upon observation we become more aware of our thinking processes and patterns and thus we can choose which thoughts to consciously entertain and which to let go of. If we are aware of what we truly want we can choose to release thoughts that do not align with our true desires. Likewise through the same process we can choose to nurture the thoughts that do align with our true desires.

The Universe is observant in the sense that it perceives beyond duality meaning it is not biased. When we practice mindfulness we align with the nature of our soul and thus we align with that aspect of us that is eternally married to the Universe and its laws.

By practicing mindfulness we are both communicating with the Universe and also aligning with it. Through mindfulness we become consciously aware of how we communicate to the Universe whilst nurturing our ability to observe how it communicates back to us.


Journaling is an ideal form of self-reflection. Journaling is a way to communicate with ourselves, record our observations and become aware of synchronicities which are a way in which the Universe communicates with us.

Journaling provides a platform for taking some time out each day to really be with yourself and talk to the Universe. Journaling is an effective way to grow our awareness and our relationship to ourselves. It’s also an ideal way to track our inner and outer journey, our progress, our desire and our goals.

Journaling is an effective means of identifying (and tracking) all the ways the Universe communicates with us. When we sit down to journal, it is a form of objective observation and a way to communicate with the Universe.


Setting intentions is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to communicate with the Universe. Like goals, intentions are future-orientated and assist the Universe in shaping the path of events to come.

Intentions go a bit deeper than goals by identifying the ‘why’ behind our thoughts, actions and goals. Reflecting upon and identifying our intentions provide deep insight of ourselves and our inner functioning.

When we operate unintentionally, when we are unconscious to our own intentions, we create all sorts of chaos. Setting intentions is crucial in our communication with the Universe as they identify not only what we want to achieve but also the why we want to achieve whatever it is specifically. This type of inner clarity creates unlimited Universal pathways for our intentions to materialise – to manifest.

Being aware of what we truly desire is essential for intention setting. Without knowing what we want it is impossible to set clear intentions for attaining what we want.

Although moon cycles identify the most powerful times for intention setting, it is a promising practice to set intentions once per week for the week to come. If we are aware of long-term desires we can also set monthly and yearly intentions (the moon cycles are worth tracking for this).

Setting intentions often nurtures self-awareness whilst expanding and deepening our connection/alignment with the Universe.

If setting intentions is new to you, you can begin by setting the intention to communicate with the Universe. Do this by mentally sending out the message ‘my intention is to consciously communicate with the Universe’. Then release this intention by continuing with your day, it will not be long until the communication is occurring as the means of communication begin to unfold and present themselves to you.


Gratitude is one of the most high-vibrational emotions. When take time out during the day to focus our thoughts on the things we are grateful for (both immaterial and material) we increase our individual energy frequency. This aligns with the energy of the Universe and opens up to receiving unlimited abundance. When we emotionally operate at a level of gratitude – we create unlimited ways to attract more things to be grateful for. This is opposed to operating at a state of ‘I lack’ which manifests nothing but lack.

Taking some time out to reflect on what we are grateful for is a powerful way to communicate with the Universe. It is an indirect ‘thank you’ for all that we have received so far and an opening for receiving more and more. Gratitude creates a doorway for receiving. It makes us feel worthy to receive.


The only real requirements for communicating with the universe are presence and awareness. All we really have to do is slow down, focus on the now, sit in in a space of stillness and connect.

Along with the above discussed methods there are unique ways we can communicate to the Universe which are for us to discover through applied presence and awareness.

The most important part is to record our experiences which provide a baseline for reflection, noting patterns, synchronicities and to have faith in moving forward with what those experiences have taught/showed us.

Don’t forget to enjoy this beautiful process as it unfolds!

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