10 Ways The Universe Communicates With Us

“If we would just take a moment to look around, we would see that the Universe is in constant communication with us.

Alexandria Hotmer

Attention is Key

The Universe communicates with us every day. In fact everything in our lives is orchestrated by the Universe in reflection to our relationship to it and its 12 laws. The Universe acts as a guide and it communicates with us always. Unfortunately we tend to be too stuck in our mental activities while we carry out our day and we fail to notice the language of the Universe. In other words, we are unaware of its communication.

Since the Universe and its 12 laws govern individual and collective expansion of consciousness (awareness) it only makes sense that through its communication it is pulling us to expand in awareness. The missing ingredient that connects the two is attention.

The communication of the Universe serves to draw our attention to whatever stimuli will expand our awareness, be it an object, a person, a location or a choice. However when our attention is constantly consumed by thoughts or our phones it becomes quite impossible to notice or experience anything else than our thoughts or what we are seeing on our phones. Meaning we miss most signs/signals/messages the Universe is communicating to us.

Attention and presence are keys to noticing the ways in which the Universe communicates to us on a daily basis.

If the Universe has a specific message for us it will communicate it in various ways and it will continue to do so until the message is received by us.

The Ways in which The Universe Communicates to Us

  1. Intuition

Our Higher Self – Universal Self (our soul) communicates with us through intuition. Our Higher Self is part of the Universe and is governed by its laws. So the strongest way the Universe communicates with us is through our intuition. Intuition is aligned with collective truth and thus will pull us towards realizing it.

Intuition acts as our own personal guide. Inner nudges, experiences, inner ‘knowing’ that arises without thought are all forms of intuitive insight. This insight serves to provide clarity, the next steps to take and draws us toward individual and collective truth essential for our purpose.

Listening to and acting upon intuitive insights strengthens our intuition and our relationship to it. This provides us with confidence to adapt to changes and move forward with our lives.

2. Dreams

Dreams are another way our intuition communicates with us. While we are consciously on pause, the subconscious and unconscious aspects of our mind have an opportunity to speak per se. Dreams are an ideal way to receive ‘downloads’ (deep insight/information/realization) and general guidance from our Universal Self.

Even if we don’t understand the exact meaning behind a dream it is ideal to keep a journal where we record dreams. By recording a dream we make sure we don’t forget it, we can reflect on it and even realize it’s meaning by connecting it to prior or future synchronicities.

Dreams are direct and profound messages from the Universe, take note!

3. Meditation

Meditation fills us with presence, and aligns us with the eternal now. The inner awareness we attain from presence creates a perfect space for intuitive insights to emerge. Meditation, especially when practiced regularly is an effective way to receive downloads from the Universe, guidance from our Higher – Universal Self, ideas and inspiration.

Most importantly meditation restores our mind-body-spirit balance, creating a natural alignment of intuition with our daily functioning. Through meditation we integrate more and more with our intuitive nature, with our Universal Self.

4. Synchronicities / ‘Coincidences’

There is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, nothing is random. Synchronicities are seeming coincidences. Synchronised events are seemingly separate events that complement each other and usually align to provide information/confirmation. When we experience synchronicity it’s as if things simply ‘line up’ for us.

We experience synchronicity when we are ‘on the right path’. It acts as a guide by bringing our attention to whatever events/stimuli are synchronising for us as there is usually something to become aware of by noticing the synchronised events/stimuli.

Synchronicity is like a bread-crumb trail the Universe leaves for us to confirm we are following the correct road. On this trail the Universe through synchronicity provides us with the next steps to take, strengthening our trust in our inner guidance and enacting necessary changes.

5. Other People

When we are told exactly what we needed to hear, when we are told information we were looking for and when something we have been pondering is confirmed by somebody else – the Universe is communicating with us. Overhearing conversations of others is also not random and usually provides information/direction the Universe wanted us to hear.

6. Numbers

The Universe communicates with us through numbers daily. Without intention or thought we find ourselves naturally looking at specific numbers/the time. This occurrence is a message from the Universe!

Some number combinations carry a specific numerological meaning and the common ones collectively are mirror numbers such as 1111, 1212, 1313 etc or double/triple numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44 and 111, 222, 333, 444 etc. It is up to us to go within and inquire what these numbers are communicating to us as individuals.

The internet can also provide some insight but make sure to use discernment and intuition when choosing websites with explanations. Whatever the individual reason is, The Universe is always confirming, communicating and guiding us trough numbers.

7. Words

When we read or hear something that really stands out to us; it is worth paying attention to it. Regardless of where we notice/read/hear words that stand out to us they are worth absorbing because there is a deeper reason they stood out than appears on the surface.

Let the words lead you!

8. Music

We receive messages from music as we do from words that stand out, the conversations we have and overhear. The songs we hear speak to us and sometimes even answer a question we’ve been pondering. The next time we hear a song that seems to have extra meaning behind it we should be open to paying extra attention to receive the message the Universe has for us.

9. Timing

We have all experienced a sense of ‘perfect timing’ likewise we have all experienced ‘bad timing’. Both are forms of communication from the Universe. On one side it confirms we are on the right path/we are where we are supposed to be and on the other side it is keeping us safe.

Whether we realize this or not, through timing the Universe is ensuring we stay on our soul chosen path with the least amount of side-tracking. It is best to accept when things don’t work out in our timed manner as this means there is a good reason. We must trust it is for the best and the circumstances will make sense in due time.

10. Physical Issues

Physical issues and even accidents occur for metaphysical reasons. As mentioned the Universe is us – it is our soul. When we ignore our soul existence, our intuition, when we don’t pay attention to our well-being and mind-body-spirit balance we can get bed-bound by the Universe. Whatever the issue is, it holds both a reason and a lesson for us to realize and learn.

Instead of seeing physical issues as an obstacle or punishment, it is best to see what ways the Universe is guiding us to look after/care for ourselves through the issue(s). It is also beneficial to reflect on what the issue(s) is teaching us through what it is making us experience.

Open Up to Communication

Set the intention to consciously communicate with the Universe by mentally saying ‘I am open to notice and receive communication and guidance from the Universe from now forward. Thank you for working with me, for me’.

Make sure to enjoy this journey of the best friendship in existence!

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