Toxic People or Toxic Energy?

What is Toxic Energy?

At its simplest form, toxic energy is unhealed energy.
A toxic person is none other than an unhealed person.

We transmit whatever energy we are operating from. We transmit energy into our relationships with others, the work we carry out, the food we make, the objects we use. Quite literally everything we think, do and say is an energetic extension of our inner state.

When we are emotionally suffering and entertaining painful thoughts and emotions we are feeding our own suffering and lowering our vibration into a contracted state. A fear-based state. When our inner state of being is operating at a fear-based level we create a toxic (inner) environment.
(note: a fear based state consists of emotions such as grief, apathy, guilt, shame and fear.)

Since energy cannot be created nor destroyed it makes sense that all we can share is that what we have. In other words we transmit our own energy. If we are unhealed, we transmit toxic energy. When we are healed we transmit nurturing healthy energy.

What we give out to others (transmit) outside of us, be it energetically (through expression of emotions and thoughts) or physically (through words and actions) is a reflection of our inner state. Nothing but a transmission of energy is occurring. This is how a toxic inner environment causes a toxic expression of emotions, thoughts, words and actions. A toxic environment transmits toxicity. Likewise a healed environment transmits balance, nurturement and health.

Fear and other fear-based emotions such as grief, apathy, guilt and shame are symptoms of unhealed experiences, relationships, traumas and other events that remain unprocessed.

Unhealed energy is simply that and until we are willing to consciously heal (process) whatever it is that lingers within us we will transmit unhealed – ‘toxic’ energy. It will radiate through our behaviour, our communication and our choices.

Expanding Empathy

We have all encountered people whom we perceive as toxic. We frown upon them, push them away or avoid them. This is because whether we consciously realize it or not, the low vibrational/unhealed/toxic energy of these people quite literally drags down our individual energetic frequency.

Toxic people are perceived as somewhat evil and to be avoided and although it is easier to judge, it is more loving to remember that we only judge that which we do not understand. To judge is a cowards way out of an opportunity to learn.

Nobody is a fully healed individual. Nobody. If we were we would not be here. This is a useful perspective to hold when we deal with the unhealed energy of others. Instead of judging them and looking for a way to escape their presence we can choose to view their communication and behaviour through a lens of compassion. On the other side, if we cannot seem to detach from toxic people at the expense of our own well-being it is a red flag for us to realize we are neglecting our own necessary healing.

Toxic people are not ‘bad’ or evil, they are simply hurt deeply to a point where they don’t want to consciously face the hurt that needs to be healed. We can all empathise with this because we have all been in this position at once in our lives if not currently. By switching our perspective from ‘they are toxic’ to ‘they are deeply hurt’ we can align with empathy through compassion and respond to toxic energy in healthy compassionate ways.

Nothing is Personal

If we take someone’s words and behaviour personally then we are uncovering something within us that needs to heal. In reality nothing is personal and each one of us only acts out their own traumas and unprocessed aspects.

How people speak, act and behave in general only reflect what is happening inside of them. Of course the same applies to us. So if toxicity is ruling the inner world, anything and everything created from this state in the outer world will be an extension of toxicity. It is really as simple as that.

The next time somebody you perceive as toxic projects on you take a moment to remember the toxicity is a result of unprocessed emotional baggage wrapped in denial. Apply this level of compassion to yourself also. Refrain from judgment and be open to experiencing the discomforting realities that play out but for the most part are denied by us all.

Acknowledge toxicity for what it is when you are faced with it and do your best to detach from it. Reflect on what there is to learn from encounters with toxic people and use it as a mirror to see if anything unhealed within you was trigged through such encounters.

Each encounter with unhealed/toxic energy is usually a mirror for our own neglected unprocessed experiences and emotions.

Remember nothing is personal. Your journey is you and healing is a life-long journey. We are not responsible for clearing out other people’s emotional baggage but we are responsible in accepting it for what it is. Compassion and empathy are the best ingredients for acceptance in the healing journey for all involved.

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