Re-Aligning With Our True Self

Forgotten Loss of Self

Separating from our authentic expression caused a loss of Self. The loss of self-awareness followed naturally.

Causes of self-loss during childhood are uncomfortable, traumatic and usually not allowed to be fully felt or expressed. For this reason the emotions the loss caused were pushed into our unconscious mind, into the shadows of the brain.

The unprocessed emotions are still part of us, very much so but we have become unaware of them. We ‘forgot’ them and yet we are a living breathing product of our own unconscious, unprocessed material at the same time.


Most of the reason we suffer is because we are unaware why we suffer. The roots of sufferings lay hidden from our conscious self. This happened as a means of protection so we could continue living as sane as possible.

With the above in mind, awareness and the expansion of it, the extension of it into the dark uncomfortable shadow realm of the unconscious mind is our only true way to heal. To restore. To align again with the authentic true self we were born to be. To express.

However, a time comes when the soul wants to be expressed through our persona. This is when the wall between conscious and unconscious mind becomes an issue that needs to be dissolved. The building blocks of the wall need to be located, acknowledged and released. This process leads to restoration – to healing.

For this reason, awareness of ourselves is our only saviour!

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  1. Arun Singha says:

    Highly insightful!
    I have tried to express my understanding on Consciousness and i have posted 2 blogs on it. One of them is here in the link
    Would request you to find time to read.
    Best regards.

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