Why We Suffer

We all ‘know’ our traumas, our sources of pain, our comforts and discomforts, how our family history and relationship experiences have affected us. However the truth is for the most part, due to the nature of the world we share we have become unaware of the effects of our discomforts and traumas. How they separated us from our own truth and authenticity. How they shaped our inner functioning, how they blocked us and perverted our Authentic – True Selves since childhood.

What and whom we are today is a result of the experiences and perversions projected onto us from the beginning of our life experience.

Due to the depth of the pain such perversions caused within we have actually forgotten the true reasons for our behaviour, addictions, depressing states and lack of understanding of self. We forgot what exactly caused such a lack of understanding of ourselves, such confusion.

We are aware we feel lack, we feel emptiness but we forgot why. We have become unaware that we suffer because we lack our authentic, true self and the expression of.

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