Transformation Coaching

This coaching is a combination of a tailored individual plan fit to your needs after consultation. This plan will focus on your specific transformation followed by an overview and feedback session 1 to 2 weeks after you begin to use your transformation plan.

Most common approaches to this option:

Transformation Focused:

  • Spiritual Journey into Self Coaching
  • Shadow Work Coaching
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Coaching
  • Relationship Management Coaching
  • Self-Acceptance Coaching
  • Self-Reflection & Self-Assessment Coaching
  • Meditation Practice Coaching
  • Change Management Coaching

Healing Focused:

  • Childhood Wound Healing
  • Overcoming Trauma Coaching
  • Self-Healing Coaching
  • Anxiety & Panic Attack Management Coaching
  • Break-Up Management & Healing

Individual Plan of Action combined with a follow up session (60 minutes) is €65

Prior to consulting via email please choose one of the following Approaches that you feel most drawn to. Your intuition will guide you to exactly what you need. Please include a general description of your current situation, the type of approach you feel guided towards and where you would like to be as a result of it.
e-mail to or text to +353894769954 via WhatsApp.

Consultations are free!

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