To affirm is to confirm to be true. Through affirmations we actively not only break down our ego but we are consciously reshaping the state of our being which inevitably shifts our physical realities.

Affirmation is a form of confirmation. We affirm negative and fear-based ideas and thoughts about ourselves daily, whether they stem from us or from others. We do this subconsciously for the most part. The type of affirmations discussed here are conscious and are used with intent. This is done to overcome old programmes and ingrained affirmation behaviours which for the most part are automatic, systematic and part of the pre-scripted conversations of our society both within and outside of ourselves

Positive affirmations used consciously and with intent are a useful way of re-wiring/re-programming our thinking. Since our thinking is directly responsible for our actions, behaviour and manifestation, it is essential to have a hold over our thoughts. Otherwise, they will naturally gain a hold over us.

Affirmations are essential for effective healing and restoration as they assist in shifting and forming positive, high vibrational thought patterns. Through continuous affirmation we replace any anxiety-based/fear-based thinking patterns with high vibrational ones. Eventually, our high vibrational thoughts will shape our realities into high vibrational ones the more and more we affirm.
The more we affirm positively, the more we align because positive (high vibrational) thoughts will only result in positive actions, behaviours and manifested relationships and realities.

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Watch out for ego traps;

  • It is worth keeping in mind that a habit takes up to 28 days to both break down and also to build. Patience and dedication to the self are key during this time period!
  • Along the way our ego will do its best to fight positive shifts and to detour us from newly set goals and ambitions regardless of how big or small. Be ready to overcome this fight!

Points worth noting;

To benefit from employing affirmations into our daily lives fully, it is important to repeat them consciously, that is with conscious intention and awareness. In other words, not just say them without believing in what you’re saying or say them whilst thinking about what you’re going to do next.

We cannot manifest any thing we do not truly believe in, any thing we are not energetically aligned with – thus faith and belief are crucial components of successful and effective manifestation.
This is also why it’s best to choose affirmations that truly resonate with you and avoid those which feel like a lie/do not resonate with your inner self. With that being said, writing your own affirmations will have the strongest effects.

Alongside holding the affirmations to be true, speaking them out loud increases manifestation power. The basis of all religions came from a small number of books from thousands of years ago which claim that our entire existence, the beginning of this physical experience was spoken into existence by the original Creators before the fall of man, the fall in consciousness.

When we speak we are actively manifesting. Speaking is the quickest road to manifestation – to creation. Although we tend to speak all sorts of hell-like experiences, people, situations and relationships into our life, we can always choose to employ affirmations to begin taking control over negative thoughts. To end their control over us we must first take control over them. This way we can consciously manifest heaven-like experiences, people, situations and relationships into our lives through positive thinking.

We are at a stand-point of choice every day of our lives and ultimately our commitment to ourselves determines the results we reap. Our life experience and current life circumstances are the proof of our choices in action.

In order to change, we must first consciously choose to do so in action!

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