Distance Healing


Distance healing is a means of clearing energetic blockages from the clients energy field. These can be identified by me intuitively upon consultation. You as a client may already be aware of where the blockages reside.

Energetic blockages are created by consciously suppressing emotions, thoughts and intuitive messages. They are also created during traumatic events (mentally/emotionally/physically) resulting in a subconscious ‘burial’ of energy. This creates a block in one or more of the energy channels within the body known as the Chakras. These correspond to the subtle energy bodies that make up our physical body.

Energetic blockages manifest as symptoms and issues in the physical body.

As healing is another word for restoration – intuitive healing aims to locate and bring conscious awareness to the place in the body and/or the mind where unresolved and suppressed energy is located within.

Instead of addressing and focusing on symptoms alone, intuitive healing aims to locate and directly dissolve the root cause of manifested symptoms.

This can be done through an analysis of the symptoms and overview of traumatic events. Once located, the unresolved energy can then be accessed and restored via a number of ways depending on the severity of symptoms and their effects on the subtle bodies and the physical body.

Energy healing is useful alongside medicinal healing, oftentimes speeding up medical healing and it can also be essential for those whom are spiritually ill. In such cases medicine tends to have no effects, medical checks may be inconclusive and/or sought out doctors may not be able to provide a diagnosis nor a treatment method.

Distance healing has the same results as in-person healing for most cases, depending on the severity of symptoms. Nonetheless, distance healing and/or cleansing reduces symptom manifestation.

In addition to being part of a wellbeing centre team in The Netherlands, I offer online energy healing sessions for those whom are guided to seek treatment.

The type of healing treatment applied to your energy field will depend on your symptoms, their duration, effects on physical/mental/spiritual and emotional state of being, all of which are discussed in our consultative email(s).

The duration of a healing session can range from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the extent of blockage(s) present.

Distance energy restoration sessions are implemented via Whatsapp or Zoom, whichever you prefer.

A consultation is FREE via e-mail and is essential prior to any healing work.

Feel guided to seek energy healing?

if so, for enquiries and/or a distance healing consultation please email unitingconsciousnesshealing@yahoo.com with your symptoms and/or general issue(s) present