The Universe: Collective God

The Universal Laws govern the individual and collective growth of consciousness.

To understand the Universe we live in and the role we play within it, it is important to become aware of its 12 laws. Without understanding the laws we cannot realize we are the Universe just as much as the Universe is us. That we effect it just as much as it effects us. That through our infinite connection to it we only receive in our life experience exactly what we send out to it. Without understanding the Universe and how it works, we cannot understand ourselves nor our place in it as us in the current and forever that is the present now.

A lack of awareness of the following laws causes suffering. Awareness of the following laws allows us to flow with life.

We can apply each law to both our inner and external experiences of life.

1. The Law of Divine Oneness

Also known as the Law of One, this law states the inter-connectedness of all things. It explores the fact that beyond our five senses – every thought, action and event is in some way connected to any thing and every thing else. This includes our interconnectedness with other human beings. It’s about being compassionate and empathetic with one another as our individual consciousness belongs to one Divine Source and with this in mind – we are All part of one Source. The stuff we are made from inside differs little to none. Thus, we are all connected as one in terms of consciousness – in terms of our capability and potential to be aware. This is why by understanding your inner self and functioning, one can begin to understand other. The masks/persona differ but the inner realities react more or less the same to external stimuli.

The Source is our individual life energy, flowing through our chakras, taken in by breathing. This law identifies the omnipresent transcendent Creator energy that provides our breath – God, awareness of which is known as the “light”, Higher Self, Christ/Krishna consciousness residing in each and every body.

The centre of Oneness exists as our heart chakra, our heart centre. This is the seat of our Higher Self, the seat of true love, love beyond duality – unconditional love.

2. Law of Vibration

This law explores how at a microscopic level, every thing is in constant motion, vibrating at a specific frequency. This law applies both to matter and one’s personal frequency experienced as (e)motions = energy in motion. These are two individual sides that belong to one coin that make up our life experience in relationship to the Universe. In today’s world the law of vibration is subconsciously acknowledged and discussed as ‘vibes’ we feel.

We effect matter and matter effects us via the energetic frequency in a symbiotic relationship as we interact with it. Matter and all objects appear to be solid but in actuality are particles vibrating at a specific frequency which creates the illusion of being solid.

Human beings are no exception to this law and we hold a much higher frequency than matter. What differentiates us most from matter is our consciousness, our awareness of self, other and objects and of course the computer that is our brain. We are for the most part unaware we affect matter and humans as much as they affect us. Moreover, we are capable of shifting our frequency and do this unconsciously every second of every day with our mental energy. With our thoughts.

We as energetic frequency affect other human beings just as much as they effect us. We also share energy unconsciously in presence of another. Someone vibrating at a high frequency can make you feel uplifted/energised/’happy’ in their presence whilst someone vibrating at a low frequency can make you feel somewhat sick/depressed.

This law says that our vibrational frequency can inform our living experience. It allows us to relate. This happens through our ability to sense low and high vibrations as emotions, which we attempt to translate into physical words that we deem to best describe the feelings we are experiencing. This law in fact dictates our awareness, high frequency results in expanded awareness likewise low vibration dictates a contracted level of awareness.

3. Law of Correspondence

This law explores how our inner world reflects that of our external world. It highlights how in that same way our external world reflects our inner world. If you reflected upon your life circumstances, it would mirror back your inner mental state, your thought patterns.

Whatever is going on in our mental energy, we will notice corresponding somewhat to our external circumstances, situations or relationships. Our external circumstances correspond to what is going on in our mental state of being.

Our outside world reflects back to us all things existing and suppressed by us in our mental energy field. The suppressed aspects are experienced as ‘triggers’ in our everyday realities – a direct (external) reflection to unconscious/hidden inner (unacknowledged) reality.

This law outlines the fact that what we send out mentally through our inner world, whether we realize we are sending by thinking or not, we receive back in our outer world. What we send out directly corresponds to what we receive. If we send out negativity or operate from a negative inner space, we experience negativity. The same of course applies to positivity.

This law also deals with the fact that patterns repeat throughout the Universe and on a personal level. Patters are recurring events and behaviours. We are born into a lot of man-made patterns but we also actively create our own. At a personal level, these are either beneficial or destructive to our being and experience of life but ultimately the choice is ours through our use of free will. At a worldwide level patterns are upkept through tradition, religious beliefs and systematic programmes created by man.

This law reflects the commonly known Hermes saying “As above, so below. As within, so without”. The correspondence between our personal inner world and shared outer world is unavoidable and guaranteed as both are eternally co-existing with one another. In fact they are at an objective level one and are responsible for our existence in this life.

To gain awareness of this law in action in our lives we can practice perceiving external events in a; “Its’ happening for you, not to you” kind of way. In other words, “what is this situation trying to tell me” rather than “why is this happening to me”. Reflection is a crucial aspect of becoming aware of this law in action in our lives. By reflecting on our current state of being within ourselves we can better understand our external circumstances and visa versa.

4. Law of Attraction

This is the most commonly recognised and discussed law as manifestation. This law explores how like attracts like and that we get what we focus on. Our energetic vibration plays the biggest role in relation to this law as we attract into our lives the energy we are vibrating at. Our current inner state of being (energetically, vibrationally, emotionally – our resulting thoughts) attract and directly not only reflect but effect the external state of being – the outside world around us. What we think and thus vibrationally are, we attract via vibration. If we think negative (low vibrational) thoughts, we attract negative (low vibrational) people, situations and circumstances. Naturally, the same occurs when we think and therefore send out positive thoughts that at a fundamental level are vibrations.

Low vibrations are usually labelled as bad/sad/depressing and high vibrations are labelled as good/happy/uplifting/fulfilling/blissful. What we focus our attention on, whether consciously/subconsciously/unconsciously we inevitably attract towards us. What we attract is a mirror of what’s truly happening in our inner world. Who we attract externally mirror back whom we are inside, consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously.

With regard to manifestation, it is essential to believe what you’re seeking is more than possible to obtain. This law is similar to the Law of Vibration in this way; it’s crucial to align your energetic frequency with whatever it is you’re seeking. The higher your vibration – the sooner your desire will manifest into the third dimension. In essence the Universe only exists to serve us as it is us, it is the core of our being and thus we can manifest anything and everything we desire. The only obstacles in this process is our own mind and its inability, for the most part, to be clear on what it wants and to maintain attention on our desire(s).

5. Law of Inspired Action

This Law is concerned with taking real actionable steps to invite what we want into our lives. This law is closely related to the Law of Attraction as it is a means of assisting in the manifestation process. When we are manifesting desires, they usually manifest themselves as opportunities. The Law of Inspired Action comes into play in order for us to seize such opportunities, so we can invite manifested desires in with open arms.

Most of the time we do manifest our desires as opportunities but we are the ones whom fail to see them, take action towards them and therefore miss out on them. The inspiration to take such action usually stems from within like a gentle, internal nudge rather than a plan of action. Fear is the biggest obstacle between us and acting on this law.

To align with this law it is crucial for us to learn to slow down, get quiet and create space for internal guidance. To align with our internal guidance, to build and nurture our relationship with it.

When we let go of our need to control how things will work out and are open to all possibilities, we make room for new ways of achieving our goals that we might not have considered otherwise.

6. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

This Law explores how on an energetic level everything in the Universe is constantly evolving and fluctuating. Both inside and outside of us. The Universe is continuously expanding and with it so are we. When one individual’s consciousness (awareness) expands, so does the Universe. Again, the only obstacle between our expansion and therefore the Universe’s is our own mind. We actively obstruct the expansion of the Universe, thus ourselves by being stuck in fear-based limiting beliefs and patterns.

In terms of transmuting energy, mutating it in its ever-constant movement, we can transmute our energetic vibration by changing our thoughts. By dissolving fear-based and limiting beliefs, by consciously shifting our thinking. If we are consumed by low vibrational thoughts, we can choose to consciously shift our attention to something we are grateful for as gratitude is high up on the consciousness scale in the ‘expanded’ section of awareness. This is a sort of re-programming of the brain function which is utterly uncomfortable at the beginning but becomes more and more automatic with our conscious effort to shift.

7. Law of Cause and Effect

This Law highlights direct relation between intention and result. This law essentially means intention = result. Every action is preceded by a thought and each thought purposed for action is preceded by intent. Intent is the ‘why’ behind what we do.

This law explains the action – reaction cycle known and misunderstood as karma. The cycle begins with our desire to attain certain things, opportunities and results which shapes our intention prior to action and ends with the reaction(s) that act as ripple effects to our initial intention(s). The cycle then continues with the results of our previous intentions acting as our new beginning point.

The karmic cycle governed under this law ensures that we, through our own life experience, directly answer to our intentions sooner or later. The action here becomes a third party, a conveyer, which acts as a shield for our intentions and does not hold as much importance as our intention prior to action.

What we intend for others, regardless of our actions will sooner or later become our own experience.

Our life experience solely depends on our intention as the Universe speaks in intention, thought and action only. Without intention there would be no action. Our intentions are what we communicate to the Universe and it communicates back in external events, circumstances, situations and relationships we ‘find’ ourselves in, in correspondence to our original intention(s). What we intentionally cause for others inevitably becomes our own effect.

8. Law of Compensation

This law relates closely to the Law of Attraction and Correspondence.  This law relates to “you reap what you sow”. What you give is what you get.

The Universe has a unique language that is not of words. The universe communicates with us through signs and synchronicities every day. We simply tend to dismiss or not notice this communication as it is not part of our brain programming to pay attention to subtilties or to have conscious awareness of the fact that our every day realities and external circumstances are all communicating something to us beneath the superficial surface of our every day lives.

This law explains that when we are seeking something we must contribute in some way towards our goal. This contribution is energetic and is done via thought, action and material things. This is the same as give and take, if you take you have to give. If you want something to be given to you, the Universe needs to ‘take’ from you, in whatever form you seek. The ‘take’ is most commonly energetic. It requires us to sacrifice, per se, in some energetic form. The sacrifice of course is not usually material, hence why the expression is to ‘pay’ attention, to ‘spend’ time. We must contribute to our own desires somewhat so that the Universe can provide us with the results.

The Universe is communicating with us all the time, but do we communicate back? Do we act upon the opportunities it provides us with? Do we, via things and action give back and contribute towards our own goals?

By developing and building a relationship with the Universe we begin to understand our place in this world and our purpose as a small puzzle piece belonging to one whole picture. By developing and nurturing our relationship with the Universe we can understand what it communicates to us and what it expects from us. It essentially works for us, for our Higher Self and our higher path. It is programmed to bring us home, to our heart centre, on the path our Higher Self chose before incarnating on this earth. It is perfectly programmed to align us with our purpose.

When we understand our role within the Universe by aligning with our Higher Self through intuition we begin to understand our place, when we understand our place we are able to play our role more efficiently, thus automatically implementing the law of Compensation for we are in a constant, active give and take cycle with the Universe.

9. Law of Relativity

This Law explores how we are inclined to compare things in our world when in reality – everything is neutral. Every thing in nature is in balance – two opposing sides belonging to one whole. This highlights how at the core level there is no good and bad, there simply is. What we call good and bad is a way of reflecting upon how we relate to things and people.

Relativism exists in all things and in the end meaning flourishes from perspective and perception. Applying this law can help us understand the tougher parts of our lives with greater compassion which leads to acceptance. More appreciation comes from lack of comparison (duality), from a level of wholeness (oneness). Duality exists in and from our mental energy and wholeness is the home that is our heart centre. The mind thinks and the heart perceives. This is why true appreciation arises from perception over comparison for comparison is biased. The mind only sees good or bad whereas the heart perceives what is.

Our use of language and its core function is the basis of this law. We see and label everything as good or bad, in all variations of those two eternally bound aspects. We speak only in separation. The purpose of words is fit for communication, for conveying information. We use words, language, to describe our experiences. We can only discuss and observe things by separating them, by comparing. While we’re describing and thus controlling our experiences, we are not truly perceiving them. We can never attain a sense of wholeness if we only relate our experiences to bias, one sided words. Language serves a massive purpose but it has become just as big of an issue. Just because one experience was ‘bad’ does not mean there was no ‘good’ in it, whether we are aware of that or not.

Again, because language is only a tool for transcending duality – it is not the life experience. We appreciate our experiences more when we experience them rather than attempt to control them by labelling them as good or bad. It is important while reflecting upon experiences to remember that regardless of whether an experience was comfortable or uncomfortable it does not mean it was either good or bad. It simply was what it was and it served as a means for a lesson or a blessing. What we label the experience to be, how we relate to it, only reflects our inner reality for nothing is good nor bad, it is both.

Life is not what we label it, what we label it is simply how we relate to it. We can only realize and understand wholeness by first separating, yet the separation is only an illusion, a way of speaking.

10. Law of Polarity

Everything in existence has an opposite and nothing in existence is separate. Two polar aspects make one whole. This law reflects the yin and yang in dual action. Without white there is no black, one cannot exist without the other. Every one thing and experience is in permanent marriage to its direct opposite. Same way each human being embodies both what the light and the dark represent. We are both and we are here to live out both aspects, to to embody, acknowledge and accept both in order to perceive, to realize our wholeness.

There is no one without two but there is no two without one. Our existence is our life experience that is this law in action. The world we live in has two poles – the north and the south, which create one whole earth. Yet without the polarity of those poles – our world would cease to hold, to exist, to be the basis of our life experience. Same way each human being embodies both what the light and the dark represent. We are not just either light or dark, that would not be possible as both poles exist within us, as us. We are both light and dark and we are here to live out both aspects, to embody, acknowledge and accept both in order to perceive our wholeness. In order to become whole.

Polar opposites exist within each human body. We experience polarity as a conflict between the heart and mind, between the soul and the brain. Yet we cannot truly separate the two, nor can we fully come from a place of heart nor mind, always a balance of the two. This law emphasises the need for balance, the fact that two opposites uphold the balance inbetween. Applying this awareness back to the body, this law calls for a balance between the mind and the heart and acknowledges the impossibility of relating to only one or the other for we are eternally a symbiotic product of both.

This law calls for the acknowledgment of two conflicting aspects of ourselves, only to highlight the need of balance between the two. We feel the pull of one or the other constantly but it is up to us to uphold the balance so the inbetween – the real us, the Whole Self does not destruct through imbalance.

11. Law of Rhythm

Concerned with cycles – this law states it is unsustainable to think or attempt to live one way constantly as the only permanent constant guarantee in this Universe, in this world is change.

If change is the only constant and permanent guarantee, we must become adapt to change if we are to flow with life. Inability to adapt to change will play on the law of polarity and block the flow of life. Our body has a natural flow, a response to its environment and external world. It has a relationship with the external world just as much as the external world has a relationship with our body. This relationship is the rhythm, the flow of life.

It is useful to take note of inner rhythms and try to work with them instead of against them. Intuition and our relationship to it is the key to being in alignment with this law. The issue is, a lot of us have gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable – that is being out of rhythm because we are accustomed to ignoring and dismissing intuitive messages and pulls. We misalign with our truth, our Higher Self and our purpose when we work against the rhythm of life. Until we get back into it, by tuning in and following where and what our bodies are leading us to we will feel out of sync with the Universe, with life and the experience of. We will feel out of sync with ourselves, our bodies and exist only as strangers to our own selves.

12. Law of Gender

This law explores masculine and feminine energy that exists in all things. It explains that gender we experience in matter is just an illusion. All previous laws explain and draw on the how every thing is energy, including us and that without energy and vibration there would be no matter. Therefore, the gender we perceive as matter is just an illusion. Regardless of our physical gender, as dual beings we are equally feminine and masculine inside. We carry aspects and traits of both energy aspects. For both masculine and feminine create the Ultimate Whole responsible for All Creation. The yin/yang that is the original Creator – before splitting into two opposing aspects.

Because the life force of this creator is the chi energy that provides our physical body with life – we are innately both feminine and masculine inside, regardless of the fact that our physical body is a manifestation of only one aspect.

In order to live a life of balance, we must learn to balance both energy aspects within us and thus outside of us. Each energy is effected by external ‘things’ and a lot of us are dominant in one or the other energy even inside and thus it is important to become aware of which energy dominates our inner being (although some of us are ruled by a 5/5 composition). Mental health issues as well as most psychological issues stem from the lack of acceptance of either the masculine or feminine energy within us. After all, we are innately both and by denying one existing aspect within us, the only result is a lack of inner balance which manifests as all sorts of chaos in our feelings, behaviour and general relationship to our own self and thus others.

Achieving inner balance between the masculine and feminine energies within allows us to live authentically as this is the route to alignment with our Higher Selves. It aligns us with wholeness, a sense of belonging, inner peace and general contentment with life. Through these high vibrational states of being we begin to learn to accept and express gratitude for all there is, as it is – without any material, external reason. To accept all for whom and what they truly are as embodying this law in action first leads us to accepting our true selves. From this lens, from this perspective we not only perceive but accept all things outside of us for what they are, as they are without any discomfort or inner conflict triggered.

Embodying this law eradicates all forms of mental and psychological issues. All forms of misunderstanding, displacement and detachment from ourselves and thus how we relate to the outside world.

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